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R/C Soaring: Keeping a model airplane aloft with no engine or visible support other than the pilot's checkbook.
  Seriously, R/C Soaring is one of the most inexpensive forms of R/C flying, and has many advantages over powered flight. First, its easier to learn. Since beginner sailplanes are slow and docile, you can learn to solo in only a few sessions. Second, it is less expensive. You can start flying for less than $200 with your own plane and radio. Third, you can fly almost anywhere from your local playground to small hills. Finally, R/C soaring is to flying what sailing is to boats. Its a challenge between you and the elements, not just a matter of who has the bigger engine.
  Check out the R/C Soaring Handbook to find out more.

R/C Soaring Handbook

A collection of articles I've written which may eventually form a book.

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Electronic mail exchange on R/C soaring.

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Soaring Pictures

Some pictures I've taken over the years.

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