R/C Soaring Pictures

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Great Planes Spirit 2m - I built this plane in 1996 and flew it until 1997 when it was accidentally shot down due to a frequency conflict. For an all wood built-up kit, I thought it was a great plane.

Alcyone 2m - My aileron transition plane. I had nearly 200 flights on it including several LSF Level III tasks before I finally did it in on a violent zoom launch in early 1998. I am now flying a 100" modified Alcyone.
T-Tailed Goldberg Electra - Built in 1990. Flew pretty well, but the plane was always a little underpowered and heavy. I don't know what I was thinking when I put florescent pink on the leading edge -- it looked terrible!

DAW TG3 - Quick and dirty foamie trainer from Dave's Aircraft Works that I built for my daughter. My TG-3 came out a bit heavy, but it is nearly indestructable. We've done many golden arches into the ground with it and had only incidental damage.
Gordon Jennings - Taken just moments after he won a spot on the US F3B team for the 1997 World Championships. US team selection finals were held Labor Day weekend, 1996, in Albuquerque, NM.
Aquila - 100", 48 oz wonder made famous by Skip Miller in 1976. Now a nostalgia legal plane. This particular model was my competition plane from 1979-1982. Though now considered a "gasbag", the Aquila was a great flier.

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