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Money Smith Systems Inc is a small software company started in 1991 by Brad Smith specializing in high quality Windows software for homes and small businesses. Our products include the award winning Money Smith financial accounting package, and WinSetup, a professional installation utility for Windows. We use shareware to market our products, and our company is an active member of the Association of Shareware Professionals.


Money Smith Systems was started in March of 1991 by Brad Smith after being disappointed by available financial software. Growth in the infant Windows market, combined with a low price on Borland's new C++ compiler for Windows, convinced him to begin developing for Windows.

Money Smith V1.2 for Windows was completed only 5 months later in August of 1991. Though somewhat primitive by today's standards, the initial program was immediately released as shareware, and to the author's surprise, actually produced a handful of registered users. V1.2 also produced the first national review of Money Smith in the March, 1992 issue of Computer Shopper

Version 2.0 of Money Smith was released in June of 1992, with a number of significant enhancements including a financial calculator and interactive interface that allowed commands to be executed by simply pressing areas on reports and graphs. Version 2.0 enjoyed a large amount of favorable press including major magazines such as PC World, Windows Sources and Windows magazine. V2.0 was also featured in Brian Livingston's book Windows Gizmos and as a cover disk on the UK's What PC magazine.

WinSetup 1.0 was released in early 1993 to fill a significant void in the shareware Windows installation market. Its compact size and easy to use installation editor quickly made it a standard for many shareware authors and distributors.

Money Smith V3.0a was released late in the summer of 1993. Version 3.0 won the first Ziff-Davis PC Magazine Shareware Award in the Business and Financial Category in Auguest of 1994. It was also featured in a number of magazines worldwide, and several books.

We are currently developing Money Smith V3.1a and Money Smith 95 for Windows 95 and Windows NT. We are also working on Version 2.0 of WinSetup.

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