Contacting Money Smith Systems

Registered User Support Policy

Money Smith Systems provides free technical support for 90 days on all of its purchased products. If you are a registered user and have a commment or technical question relating to our products you are strongly encouraged to email us at . Registered users should include their product registration number found on the diskette whenever possible for a faster response.

You can also reach us at:

Money Smith Systems Inc
P.O. Box 333
Converse, TX 78109

Registered users may also receive free upgrades to current versions from our registered product download service. Registered users can download a PKZIP encrypted version from our internet FTP site. Instructions for using this service can be found on out registered user download page. This policy includes all updates and bug fixes to the current registered version, but does not include major version changes or versions or products the user has not yet registered for.

Shareware Support Policy

Unregistered shareware users are encouraged to email us at Questions from unregistered users will be answered on a time-available basis after registered users questions have been handled. Electronic mail is the best route for unregistered support questions, and has the highest probability, by far, of getting you a reply. Shareware users who want detailed technical support are encouraged to register our products.

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